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Best App Promotion

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We aren’t exactly sure when Hulu will actually release its own version of Apple’s App Store. But it looks like the wait is nearing its end.

As we approach the end of September, Hulu is promoting its own app within Hulu’s channels. You may be wondering, “Why does Hulu need to promote a new app on their own channels?”

Best App Promotion

If Hulu’s promo is accurate, they’re trying to do exactly that. It’s very much up to Apple, and they’ve already said that they won’t promote a competing service on their own App Store. When Hulu did similar promotions in the past, however, they were promoting the new Hulu Plus content within their own channels. Since Hulu has already launched its service and is trying to promote it, they’re trying to use any promotion they can to promote their new product.

It looks like Hulu’s promotion has drawn the attention of Apple, which has issued them an “app promo request” on their App Store. The request is pretty straightforward and most likely won’t take very long, but it’s not a promotion. It’s just the best app promotion.

App Promotion
App Promotion

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